Monday, June 02, 2008

Warped Tour- Marketing To The Kids

This summer, I will be heading out for a short stint on the Van’s Warped Tour as part of my marketing job at peta2. When I tell this to people, I always get the same reply: Why?

It is quite simple really, peta2 goes on Warped Tour (and a variety of other music tours, festivals, and events), because our target audience is going to be there. Not really rocket science.

When peta2 started attending Warped six years ago, we were among the few non-profits. Now, Warped Tour has quite a large presence of non-profs setting up shop including: Truth, Invisible Children, and Skate4Cancer.

Each non-profit uses a variety of creative tactics to get their message out including: squirt guns, stickers, contests, music, mist tents, band signings, and more.

I will let you know how it goes this year! Hopefully I will not get as sunburned as I did last year.

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