Tuesday, July 01, 2008

46664 Concert

Last night, I watched bits and pieces of the 46664 concert honoring Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday in London's Hyde Park. 46664 was Mandela's prison number while imprisoned in Robben Island off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. The number is now the name of the nonprofit he established to combat the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

During the concert, messages wishing Mandela a Happy Birthday scrolled across the jumbo trons on either side of the stage. Viewers could either text their message, or fill out a form on the site to essentially create the world's largest birthday card. After sending a message, you then could download an exclusive free song from Queen + Paul Rodgers. Clever!

The concert was great. The cause itself is great. But the site for the cause needs a bit of work. The most surprising thing I saw after visiting the 46664 site, was that the 46664 tee that everyone from to Will Smith to Mandela himself was wearing was not more predominately displayed for sale. I am sure everyone and their mum was looking for that tee if they saw the concert. I know I kinda fancied it.