Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Converting the Haters

Today, Ypulse listed my SXSW panel (Getting the Kids Behind You) as one of their picks for the conference. So exciting! Vote now, or you may not get to see my lovely face in Austin next year!

In other news, the nonprofit I work for, PETA, will be featured on tomorrow night's episode of Lewis Black's Root of All Evil in a show titled "NRA Vs. PETA". From the looks of the preview, it looks like Mr. Black takes a few jabs at PETA.

Many people ask me whether I think this type of attention is good or bad. I say good, and this is why. Every time PETA is mentioned in the press, our site gets a boost in traffic, which results in our videos getting viewed more, which often results in people wanting to get more involved in helping animals.

Some coming to the site may be looking for something to make fun of, but leave actually learning something about the ways in which animals are treated on factory farms, labs, circuses, etc...

So long story short- you can't please the haters all of the time, but you can teach them something some of the time.


Jess said...

PETA kills animals... go look it up.

Anonymous said...

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