Thursday, August 07, 2008

Getting Attention Through the Olympics

On the eve of the start of the Olympics, I decided to take a look into what nonprofits are getting attention for their cause using an Olympic angle. Hey, if Project Runway can have an Olympic themed show, why can't nonprofits get in the game too?

Today, "Songs for Tibet" (a benefit compilation featuring Sting, Moby, Dave Matthews, John Mayer and more) topped iTunes. Put out by nonprofit The Art of Peace Foundation to raise awareness about China's role in Tibet, this campaign had absolutely perfect timing.

PETA just unleashed its very beautiful, very patriotic, and very naked anti-fur PSA starring Olympian Amanda Beard. The controversial PSA has received international attention and a ton of press.

Actress and activist Mia Farrow is Web-casting her own "Darfur Olympics" alternative opening ceremony from a refugee camp on the Sudan border with her nonprofit Dream for Darfur in order to bring attention to the role China plays in Sudan's economics and politics.

Which campaign had the best use of the Olympics to gain the world's attention to their cause? Comment below on your thoughts.

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